MMA's Most Memorable Knockouts: Spectacular Moments in the Cage

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MMA's Most Memorable Knockouts: Spectacular Moments in the Cage

MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a one-to-one combat between two players in a ring arena. If you are an MMA fan and wondering which are the best MMA knockouts, you are reading this excellent article. This article will show the best MMA knockouts in mixed martial arts history.

In this article, we will take you through the 7 MMA best knockouts in the history of MMA—namely, Askren vs. Masvidal, Silva vs. Belfort, Henderson vs. Bisping, Zhang vs. Namajunas, Barbosa vs. Etim, Nunes vs. Cyborg, and Couture vs. Machida.

Knowing about the best knockouts will bring you more profound if you love watching MMA. This article will provide you with all the detailed information about the best MMA knockouts.

9 Best MMA Knockouts

Here are the nine best MMA knockouts you must consider if you call yourself an MMA fanatic.

1. Askren vs. Masvidal

Both Ben Askren and Jorge Masdival have played against each other at UDF239. They have left a prominent impression on the history of the UFC with their fastest knockout records. 

Their record is barely 5 seconds; the viewers highly anticipated their match, and all of them were shocked after the knockout. At the start of the game, after the referee signaled, Masvidal hit Askren on his chin with a massive knee throw. 

As expected, Askren instantly got devastated inside the ring and lost consciousness. This powerful flying knee shot won Masdival the most symbolic and prominent UFC belt, the “BMF” Championship belt.

2. Silva vs. Belfort

The most memorable knockout between Andreson Silva and Vitor Belfort happened in 2011 at UFC 126. This match genuinely left an incredible mark in the MMA’s history. 

In the first round of the match, Silva knocked out Belfort with a front kick at his face. This kick brings the time, precision, and strength Andreson Silva bears into the front. The match excited the supporters, the casual audience, and the organizers. And the cause for this anticipation was Andreson Silva and his fame and accomplishment in MMA and UFC.

The match has made Andreson Silva’s name permanent in the famous book of MMA and UFC for his immense strength and detail to timing and technicality.

3. Henderson vs. Bisping

The memorable match played between Henderson and Bisping took place in 2009 UFC100. Dan Henderson is a former American professional MMA player and an Olympics champion. On the other hand, Michael Bisping is the first UFC champion. 

Bisping vs. Henderson 2: Weigh-In Info, Top Comments Before UFC 204 | News,  Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

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The match started with both players engaging in a fight back and forth. However, the second round was an absolute shock to the audience. Henderson lashed out at Bisping with his astonishing right hook and hit Bisping’s chin. This instantly knocked out Bisping ad left him unconscious.

To date, this iconic move of Henderson is remembered by all the members, and it is guaranteed Henderson’s name in the MMA’s good book. 

4. Zhang vs. Namajunas

Zhang Weili and Rose Namajunas played one of their memorable matches on April 24, 2021, at UFC 261. This was the most anticipated match in the Women's strawweight division. Zhang is a Chinese MMA player, and Namajunas is an American MMA artist. Both have enormous achievements in their professional life.

The fight was intense, with each of their exceptional skills and technical abilities. Their match lasted for around 1 minute, and in the first round, Namajunas knocked out Zhang with her powerful head kick.

This perfectly timed head kick was a shock to everyone watching their match. It thus became the cause for Namajuna's fame in the MMA world.

5. Barbosa vs. Etim

Barbosa is a famous Brazilian-American MMA player, and Terry Etim is a former English MMA player. Both of them played in the lightweight division of the UFC, and they have achieved enormous amounts of fame in their respective professional lives.

The match that is still raw in the minds of the MMA audience took place in 2012 at UFC 142.

Knockout of the Half-Year: Edson Barboza Banishes Terry Etim to a Lifetime  Highlight Reel - MMA Fighting

The first two rounds went smoothly, with the constant tussle between the players burning with a desire to win. In round three, Barboza knocked out Etim with his spinning wheel click. 

The exclusive move got Barbosa to fame and became the cause of his permanence in MMA history.

6. Nunes vs. Cyborg

Nunes's full name is Amanda Lurenco Nunes, a retired Brazillian MMA player and a UFC women’s featherweight and bantamweight champion. On the other hand, Cristiane Justino Venancio, also known as Cyborg, is a Brazillian- American MMA artist, championing Bellator women’s featherweight and world featherweight.

This famous match occurred on December 29, 2018, at UFC 232. The game started quite heated, and within 51 seconds, not even a minute, Nunes threw Cyborg off guard with her strong punches. Lastly, it was Nunes's right-hand punch that nailed the victory.

Amanda Nunes knocks out Cris Cyborg featherweight title UFC 232 - ESPN

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With this memorable MMA match, Nune became the first woman to win two titles in a row in UFC history. This game was one of those fights which gave her the fame she deserved.

7. Couture vs. Machida

Randy Duane Coutre is a retired American MMA artist with excellence in acting, army contribution, and Greco-Roman Wrestler. On the other side, Lyoto Machida is a Brazillian MMA artist with experience in Karate. Both are on the victorious side. However, Couture is a heavily built player and was on a winning streak when this match was played.

On April 30, 2011, the most anticipated and memorable match was held, UFC 129. Throughout all three rounds, Machida utilized his Karate techniques to evade Couture’s attacks and land well-mechanized and well-thought strikes.

However, in the end, Machida beat Couture with his excellent foot techniques and was unanimously declared the winner. Machida is glorified in the history of MMA because of his different approach to the MMA fight.

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Q: Which is the Best MMA knockout in the history of MMA?

Ans: The Best MMA knockout in the history of MMA is the match between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, UFC126. The Front kick Silva is still an iconic move.

Q: Which is the fastest knockout in the history of MMA/UFC?

Ans: UFC 239, the match between Jorge Masdival and Ben Askren, is the fastest knockout match. The record is of just mere 5 seconds.

Q: Which MMA player invented the Spinning wheel kick?

Ans: The Spinning wheel kick was invented by Edson Barboza, and he executed it against Terry Etim on UFC 142 in 2012.


Lastly, we all know how MMAs have become an important part of sports today. Even if it is a one-to-one fighting sport, it attracts diverse crowds. This article has mentioned the 7 best MMA knockouts in the history of MMAs. These knockouts have made their place in the golden wall of MMA.

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